St Drostan’s Church, Markinch

St Drostan's Church, Markinch

St Drostan’s Church, Markinch

A church is recorded to have existed on this piece of land from as early as the 11th century. The church is dedicated to the Pictish St Drostan, who was meant to have come to Scotland, from Ireland, with St Columba in 563AD.

The tower of St Drostan’s Church dates from early medieval times, probably late 11th century to early 12th century. The main body of the church is much more recent, a plain Georgian ‘Preaching Box’ design, dating from 1786. The incongruous spire was then added to the tower in 1807.


2 thoughts on “St Drostan’s Church, Markinch

    • St Drostan was one of twelve monks who travelled to Scotland from Ireland in the mid 6th century. He is actually far more famous in Aberdeenshire, for it is there that he helped to set up an abbey with the help of the Pictish King from that time. He was meant to have then become a hermit somewhere further north later on in his life, and performed a few miracles, hence his status of Sainthood.


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