Dysart Cliff Walk


In response to the Weekly Photographic Challenge this week, the biggest ‘Treat‘ I can have, is to be outdoors, armed with my camera, on a pleasant and warm sunny day. Here are four photographs I took at the very beginning of October, whilst out on a walk from Kirkcaldy to West Wemyss.

The first photo was taken down at the back of the beach at Dysart, just to the west of Kirkcaldy. It is a photo of a hoverfly enjoying the late summer sunshine, on some Sea Aster (Aster Tripolium).

Hoverfly on Sea Aster - Dysart Beach

Hoverfly on Sea Aster – Dysart Beach

The second photo was taken from the edge of Ravenscraig Park, looking back towards Kirkcaldy

View from Ravenscraig Park to Kirkcaldy

View from Ravenscraig Park to Kirkcaldy


The third photograph is taken from the top of the cliffs at the eastern end of Dysart, looking down on the small coastal village of West Wemyss (pronounced ‘weems’).

View from Dysart to West Wemyss

View from Dysart to West Wemyss


The final image was taken, as I walked back later on in the day, from almost the same spot as the above photo, but this time looking back at Dysart (and Kirkcaldy beyond), as the sun was just beginning to set.

Walking back to Dysart

Walking back to Dysart, as the sun begins to set


A perfect ‘treat’!!!


30 thoughts on “Dysart Cliff Walk

  1. We have a Dysart in my state, but it looks nothing like this one!! No doubt it would be the kind of countryside an amateur geologist would find interesting. ( Both locations !!) Really lovely photos of the cliffs. I have never had a desire to travel to Scotland, but your photos do make me realize that there is beautiful landscape and seascapes to be seen. Great capture of light in the final photograph.

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  2. Lovely photos. I particularly like the one of the aster with the hoverfly. I used to have some Michaelmas daisies in my garden in Aberdeen but they tried to take the whole place over, so I have left them out of my new, small, garden in Glasgow. There are lots of wild ones around, even in the city, to admire though.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more with a lovely walk on a beautiful day in a wonderful place as the best treat of all – especially when there’s a camera involved! These are all lovely and take me right back to our recent Scotland visit! Thansk so much for sharing.

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