Ramsons in Balbirnie Park, near Glenrothes

Continuing my Balbirnie Park theme, whilst continuing to get all my previous posts located on the above menus, I took this photo of the flower head of a Ramsons, in late April this year.

Ramsons are part of the major group of flowers called the monocotyledons. ‘Monocots’ are principally distinguished from the other major group of flowering plants, the dicotyledons, because the seeds only have oneย embryonic leaf, or cotyledon. In the field however, as a general rule of thumb, plants with leaves that have parallel veins are ‘monocots’, those with spreading and branched veins on their leaves are ‘dicots’.

Ramsons is part of the onion family, and is also edible – the leaves are used around the rind of Cornish Yarg (a type of cheese). However, care must be taken to identify the plant correctly, the similar plant ‘Lily of the Valley’ has poisonous leaves. Monocots also include flowers such as orchids, iris’s and daffodils, to name but a few.

Flower Head of Ramsons, growing in Balbirnie Park, near Glenrothes

Flower Head of Ramsons, growing in Balbirnie Park, near Glenrothes




13 thoughts on “Ramsons in Balbirnie Park, near Glenrothes

  1. Well your post has taught me something: I did not know the proper name for wild garlic and now I do. I actually used to cook with wild garlic fairly frequently as it grew near my garden in Argyll so I could nip out and get some just as easily as I picked from my herb garden. My kids and I would also nibble it and other wild edibles when out on hikes.

    Lovely photo by the way. You’ve captured all the detail very crisply and handled capturing the tones within the white incredibly well.

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    • I’m glad I managed to teach you something new Laura ๐Ÿ™‚ And it’s great to meet someone who has actually used ramsons for culinary purposes! Its one of those things I’ve never actually tried whilst out walking, but I have tried the leaves in a salad.
      And thank you for the kind comment about the photo.

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  2. This is a really pretty flower, and if it is wild garlic, has a strong, though not unpleasant, smell – which can carry for some distance in the breeze. I’ve never tried to use it in cooking and probably never will. My husband really dislikes garlic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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