Yellow Lichen from Balbirnie Park

As you may well be aware of by now, I’m no expert on lichens, even though I love taking photographs of them. I’m guessing this lichen, which I found growing on a small rotting branch in the woods at Balbirnie House Park, is a member of the Fruticose Cup or Trumpet group of lichens.

Yellow Fruticose?? Lichen from Balbirnie Park, nr Glenrothes

Yellow Fruticose?? Lichen from Balbirnie Park, nr Glenrothes


If anyone recognises this beautiful wee lichen, I’d really like to a bit more about it.

Thanks to Inese from inesemjphotography, who I think has correctly identified my mystery lichen. It looks like it’s Xanthoria parietina, a foliose lichen that is sometimes known as common orange lichen, yellow scale, maritime sunburst lichen or shore lichen. It prefers growing on bark, but can also be found on rocks, especially those that are likely to be splattered by bird droppings, which enhances its ability to grow.




20 thoughts on “Yellow Lichen from Balbirnie Park

  1. I think the study of lichens is a science in itself, Andy! I wish I could help. I know the problem, as we have hundreds of lichen photos ourselves! It’s a brilliant pic, though, whatever it turns out to be.

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  2. I’m not surprised that Inese could identify your mysterious lichen. She’s extremely knowledgeable about all types of flora and fauna. I think it’s really pretty thing and would brighten up any tree bark. Lovely photo, Andy. 🙂

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