Tyndall-Bruce Monument – Man Made Circles in Fife

As part of this weeks Daily Post Photographic Challenge – Circle – I’m posting two photos of the Tyndall-Bruce Monument on Blackhill, in the Lomond Hills.

This interesting structure was built to commemorate the life of Onesiphorus Tyndall-Bruce, who married Margaret Stewart Hamilton Bruce (the then Hereditary Keeper of Falkland Palace), in 1828. Having accrued quite substantial debts earlier in his life through gambling, marriage appears to have had a good affect on Onesiphorus. He turned his life around, and in the end had enough money to rebuild Falkland House in 1839 (which is now a private school), and to have Falkland Parish Church built. The first photo shows the circular shape of the outside of the monument, the second photo has been taken looking directly upwards from within the tower.


Tyndall-Bruce Monument from the outside

Tyndall-Bruce Monument from the outside


Inside of Tyndall-Bruce Monument, Lomond Hills

Inside of Tyndall-Bruce Monument, Lomond Hills




50 thoughts on “Tyndall-Bruce Monument – Man Made Circles in Fife

    • Thanks Anabel 🙂 I’m not surprised that you’ve not seen this one before, it appears that a fair number of people in Glenrothes (3 miles away) don’t know of its existence!! If you need directions, just give me a shout – there are some beautiful views from the monument 🙂

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  1. Onesiphorus. What an extraordinary name and I see the name means ‘bringing profit’ or ‘useful’. Clearly he didn’t know that when he acquired debts through gambling. I am glad he turned his life around. Bet Margaret told him she is going to divorce him. LOL!

    It’s a lovely tower and I love the stone setting. Great shots as usual Andy and thanks for sharing. 😀

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  2. Great photos, Andy! Love the internal shot, though it makes me feel a bit dizzy! Onesiphorus is a magnificent name. I’m intrigued by that and also the shape of the monument. I seem to remember there’s a statue of him in Falkland.

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    • Thanks Jo 🙂
      He has got an amazing name, with a name like that he would have had to have had a fairly colourful life! Lol!!! The shape is fairly unusual, it was his wife that had the monument built, maybe she was trying to tell us all something about him, but god knows what!! Lol!! 🙂
      You’re right about the statue of him in the village, I think its in the parish church grounds.

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  3. Two simply excellent photographs. I am thinking that standing inside at night and looking up would allow for some focused star watching. Just beautiful and always a bonus to get the background and history of a place with the photography. Thank you.

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      • Not to be confused with the usually sunny high desert here, and incredible star gazing at night. Currently experiencing El Nino gray sky rainy weather. Not complaining though as we really need the rain.
        All my best to you.

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      • I imagine living in a desert like region must be amazing JoHanna, and I can see why you would really appreciate the rain 🙂
        I think most people in the UK are now longing for a wee bit of desert like conditions here, it’s been a very wet last couple of months!


  4. An interesting structure, Andy, almost like some kind of chimney or funnel. I also found the man’s name intriguing, and rather funny, if I’m honest. It’s one I’ve never heard before. Is it a typically Scottish one? 🙂

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