Dreich It – Lazy Poets Thursday Haiku

Sodden and sopping
Dank, dreich it and still raining
Everything dripping!

Dreich it weather

Dreich It weather


Very Dreich it weather

Very Dreich it weather




68 thoughts on “Dreich It – Lazy Poets Thursday Haiku

  1. I read somewhere that “dreich” is Scots’ folks favourite Scots word (if that makes sense). I wonder why??? Personally my favourite is “glakit”; I can safely use that a lot in NZ without causing obvious offense. Though, given the weather here at the moment, I think “dreich” may be getting more of a verbal outing.

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      • It’s a strange thing about my accent. When we came to NZ, I was about 6 and I “lost” my Scottish accent very quickly at school. I still spoke with it at home, and for a few years, I’d do this weird thing where I’d talk to a friend, then turn around and say something to my mother, in Scots! I was about 15 when I realised that I had started to think in a Kiwi accent (or more accurately, in Kiwi vernacular). When I go back to Scotland, it takes 2-3 days before I begin to use Scottish speech patterns again, but I don’t sound like my Fife relatives so much as having a sort of Everyman-accent. I’m not sure that even makes sense.

        I usually resist “doing” a Scottish accent when people ask because I don’t like feeling like a performing monkey. But I do occasionally use it at home — much to my son’s amusement.

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      • I love the idea of you being not bi lingual but bi accented as a teenager Su!! 🙂
        I think it’s fairly usual for people to revert back to a similar accent to that of where they came from, I know my Mum still reverts back to a sort of Mancunian (Manchester) accent when she visits Lancashire, even though she has lived in Cornwall for almost 65 years now!
        On a personal level, I don’t seem to have any accent, other than ‘English’ 😦 Even in Cornwall as a kid, I never really got a Cornish accent, and I’ve not picked up a Scottish accent even though I’ve been living up here for almost 10 years now.
        I don’t blame you for resisting doing a Scottish accent when people ask, but I imagine your son would find your original accent very amusing!! 🙂

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      • I think accents, like learning other languages, take hold much more easily in young children. My parents never really got Kiwi accents; and my dad has been here for almost 50 years. His Scottish accent has softened though, and compared to his family in Fife he sounds a bit English and a bit posh! I noticed it at primary school where there were quite a few British immigrant kids. The older ones never really lost their various English accents, while the little ones like my brother and I were much more likely to sound Kiwi. I guess we were in that phase of learning language generally.
        The most amazing accent I’ve heard is a friend’s sister who is a Kiwi but moved to Edinburgh about 30 years ago as an adult. Talk about a mash-up! 🙂

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      • That’s very true about kids picking up languages and accents (and most other things too!!), far better than us adults! Your Dad must be most upset if his family in Fife thinks he now sounds English with his hybrid accent! Lol! 🙂
        A Scottish Kiwi, that definitely sounds like a very interesting combination 🙂

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  2. Dreich is such a meaninful word and I love the sound of it. It’s been one of those winters in many parts of the UK this year, but I imagine only the Scots call it ‘Dreich it weather’. Lovely photos, Andy. 🙂

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  3. You can always send this lovely and cool rainy weather over to us Andy. At this stage the drought is bad and it’s very, very hot. We had some lovely rains last night and hopefully with more to come. 😀

    Is that doggy footprints I see in the mud? 😆

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    • I’d gladly do you a swap on the weather front for a day or two, but I also realise Sophia, that if we had weather like yours for more than that, we would be complaining constantly about it!!!!! The British as a whole, are terrible for complaining about our weather, which is probably some of the best weather in the world – sometimes wet, then dry, then cold, then hot, then windy etc etc. We are so lucky to have such varied weather!

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      • Ha! I bet and yes, you would. I don’t complain much about the weather. When someone says it so very hot then I tell them, yeah, it’s summer. It should be hot, but for a few days it was really terrible. Hardly any wind, just humidity and the heat. Then yesterday we had quite a hailstorm. Broke a few windows but nothing serious and I am grateful for that. A lot of other people had serious damage. The hail was as big as tennis balls. Something we don’t usually get this side. I totally stressed about the Wasps under the vine leaf but luckily they were spared.

        I love varied weather and wouldn’t mind living in Scotland at all. You are lucky indeed. 😀

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      • We would find hot and humid weather very hard to cope with, anything over 20°C and many Scots start complaining! Lol!!
        That sounds like an amazing hailstorm and I assume thunderstorm to, the sort that you associate tornadoes with. Glad that you or the wasps weren’t hurt in it though, it’s amazing to think that a hailstorm could do serious damage, our hail stones never get more than a centimetre or two in diameter.
        And aye, we are very lucky with our weather 🙂

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      • I bet. Never come this side in the summer then! LOL!

        It sure was and I was just worried about the wasps. Can you imagine? LOL! I am also glad they weren’t hurt either. I would have missed them. 😀

        You’re lucky. In some places it looked like it snowed. Luckily we only got the last part of the hailstorm.

        You sure are. Enjoy and treasure it. 😀

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      • A pity indeed. I do like seeing snow but when I see people shoveling it away from their doors and cars, I don’t know if I really want that job. LOL!

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      • Now that’s the kind of snow I was hoping to see each winter when I moved up to Scotland!!! In the last 10 years since I’ve been up here, the most snow we’ve had has been about 9 inches, I would love to get two to three feet of the stuff 🙂

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    • I do agree with you Louise, the word ‘dreich’ is very suitable for all this dreary weather we’ve had of late! Thankfully today, we’ve actually seen the sun, albeit for just 10 minutes, but it does still exist!! 🙂


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