Greenside Cottages, Leslie

Glenrothes is a ‘new’ town, none of the properties are much older than approx 70 years, with one or two exceptions. Therefore my closest ‘local‘ older houses, are the Greenside Cottages, which face onto Leslie Green. Leslie is a small village to the west of Glenrothes.

The Greenside Cottages are also known as Douglas Croft Cottages, and are some of the oldest properties in Leslie. The Green was originally common land (ie anyone living in Leslie could graze their animals there, free of charge), but unfortunately for the residents of Greenside Cottages, their houses were owned by the Douglas family of Strathendry. This meant the folk of the cottages had to pay a small yearly fee, forΒ stepping out of their front doors!!! Thankfully for them, this situation didn’t remain for too long.Β Later residents had the privilege of being right next to Leslie Green. This was the focal point of community, the site being used for fairs and the weekly markets.

Greenside Cottages, Leslie

Greenside Cottages, Leslie


Chimneys and Roofs of Greenside Cottages, Leslie

Chimneys and Roofs of Greenside Cottages, Leslie




21 thoughts on “Greenside Cottages, Leslie

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  3. Lovely photos and an interesting history. I recently discovered that part of the primary school playarea in our neighbourhood in Glasgow used to be a common grazing area in the 19th century! Can’t imagine where people kept the animals, presuming they didn’t live on the grazing area all the time.

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    • Thank you Christine πŸ™‚
      One thing to remember, which may or may not be the case, Glasgow was much smaller at the beginning of the 19th century, so the area around the primary school may have had more common land than you think. But of course, you’re probably right, the folk using the common land probably had other jobs, they would keep one or two animals for their own meat/dairy needs.


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