Climate Change?

An interesting effect of our recent weather, something I’ve not seen before, is the profusion of fungi that are coming up at the end of June/beginning of July. We had a very dry, (76mm of rain over March, April and May (100mm less rain than average), according to the Scottish Environmental Agency) and relatively warm spring, followed by a much wetter, and relatively cooler June and beginning of July.

I think the fungi think it is Autumn, not the middle of summer. There are fungi growing everywhere, such as these growing up at Gilvenbank Park, in Glenrothes, in amongst the clover discussed in the previous post.

Effects of the wet weather, Mushroom in Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes

Mushroom in Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes


Effects of the wet weather, Edible Mushroom in Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes

Effects of the wet weather, Edible Mushroom in Gilvenbank Park, Glenrothes


Fairy Rings (Mushroom Colony) in park at Gilvenbank, Glenrothes

Fairy Rings (Mushroom Colony) in park at Gilvenbank, Glenrothes

As a side note, hogweed seems to be doing exceptionally well at the moment, most our hogweed grows to about 1m in height, but this year many plants are close to 2m……….. at first I thought we were getting a serious problem with the dreaded Giant Hogweed (which certainly does grow in Fife), but thankfully, it’s just large versions of the normal plant!!


9 thoughts on “Climate Change?

    • Thank’s Jo, they were actually looking better a couple of days earlier, but I didn’t have a camera with me 😦
      And alas, I’m one of the few people on the planet who doesn’t have a smart phone, thus could just snap them on it!

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  1. We’ve noticed plenty of fungi around in our local meadows and woods this year, too – but we’ve yet to see a fairy ring of that size! Like you, we all think of autumn for fungi, but (as if this year wasn’t already weird enough in other ways) this year we have fungi in June. Weather patterns certainly seem to be changing. Great photos.

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    • Thank’s Millie, the photos were just taken on a wee compact camera, but certainly came out ok. And it certainly has been a very strange year, the last few have been strange weatherwise, but of course this year, Covid 19 has really taken us into new territory – but having said that about the corona virus, have you noticed how everything has virtually returned to how it was – I was really hoping that the world might become a little less commercialised after the main lockdown! Obviously wishful thinking on my part 😦


    • We had a very dry spring Tina, I think our fungi think we have gone into Autumn! Haha! It’s been a really wet early summer. There seems to be a fair number of more unusual natural happenings, I’m unsure if they are more obvious in a Covid 19 world, or if they have been happening naturally over the last 10 years.

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