Tree Ring – Formonthills, Glenrothes

Ring of Trees on Formonthills

Ring of Trees on Formonthills

Black & white photograph I took last Tuesday, on a walk from Glenrothes to East & West Lomond Hills. This small clump of trees is in a field of wheat, on the edge of the Formonthills to the north of Glenrothes.

Interestingly, a nearby farm (Hangingmyre Farm), just beyond the distant trees to the right of the photo, used to have an active silver and lead mine. This was operational from the 1780s to 1845. The proprietor of the mine, Mr Stewart, also owned the Conland Farms, whose fields are in this photo. Mr Stewart employed an Englishman to manage the mine, but unfortunately Mr Williamson (the Englishman) persuaded his employer to send six tons of the ore to England to be smelted. Mr Williamson absconded with the ore in 1825, and no trace of him or the ore was ever recorded after. This also means that we have no record of how productive the silver mine was.


2 thoughts on “Tree Ring – Formonthills, Glenrothes

    • Thanks again Laura. It’s one of the wonderful things about the internet, it’s possible to find out so much more nowadays about the area you live in. I always try to find out a wee bit about the places and things that I photograph, hopefully making it more interesting for the viewer, and certainly more interesting for me!

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