Final Weekly Photographic Challenge – “Change” post

Finally, some photographs Autumn, that are obviously more typical for the theme ‘Change‘ for last weeks’ Daily Posts – Weekly Photographic Challenge.

The first set of  photos are of a dog rose, Rosa canina, and it’s associated rose hips (seed pods), taken in Glenrothes park two days ago (more photos to come in another post).

Change - Dog Rose Flower

Change – Dog Rose Flower

Change - Dog Rose Hip (newly formed)

Change – Dog Rose Hip (newly formed)

Change - Dog Rose Hip

Change – Dog Rose Hip

The second set of photos were also taken in and around Glenrothes and show the start of some of the Autumn colours coming through in the trees at the moment.

Change - Autumn - Glenrothes 1

Change – Autumn Leaves – Glenrothes

Change - Autumn - Glenrothes 2

Change – Autumn Leaves – Glenrothes

Change - Autumn - Glenrothes 3

Change – Autumn Leaves on the ground – Glenrothes

Change - Autumn - Glenrothes 4

Change – Autumn Trees – Glenrothes

Change - Autumn - Glenrothes 5

Change – Autumn Trees – Glenrothes



8 thoughts on “Final Weekly Photographic Challenge – “Change” post

  1. I am very envious of your lovely fall foliage. Here in the south we get very little color. In the winter though, we don’t have snow or bitter cold so I suppose it’s a fair trade! Your country is astoundingly beautiful!

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    • We are lucky with the foliage colours we get in Autumn Tina and I must confess that I love it when we get snow (which isn’t very often nowadays), but I’m also quite envious of all of you in the warmer parts of the world too. From your blog, I couldn’t quite work out where you are from Tina?


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