Kirkcaldy Harbour in Black & White

Last week, whilst down in Kirkcaldy doing a wee bit of shopping, I stopped off and took these two photographs of Kirkcaldy Harbour. This once thriving port is now home to one or two fishing boats, and a few pleasure boats. The inner harbour is still used by small merchant vessels collecting flour for export from a local mill (just visible to the left of the railings in the first photo). Unfortunately, the old warehouses and harbour buildings surrounding Kirkcaldy harbour have now been replaced with modern style flats.


Kirkcaldy Harbour in monochrome

Kirkcaldy Harbour in monochrome


Kirkcaldy Harbour in Black & White

Kirkcaldy Harbour in Black & White


48 thoughts on “Kirkcaldy Harbour in Black & White

    • I think you’re probably right Gilly, it’s such a shame. I’m all for building new housing, but not at the expense of ruining some fairly picturesque localities. On the other side of the flats are some of the oldest buildings in Kirkcaldy, built in the 1600s, which would have looked fantastic overlooking the harbour.


    • Thanks Jo 🙂
      Unfortunately it seems to be a huge problem in Scotland, the planning regulations seem to be pretty dire up here. Modern houses and flats are often put up in places which should be preserved as they were to protect the heritage of the area 😦


  1. Wow! Amazing shots Andy and they look just great in B&W! A pity about the new buildings that pop up everywhere, especially if they could have renovated the older buildings. The older architecture was so much more interesting and stronger. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you. 😀

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    • It’s one of my constant and only gripes about Scotland Sylvia, there appears to be virtually no planning regulations up here. There are lots of flats in many very picturesque localities, which in my opinion should new have been allowed to have been built!!!! But I’m glad you liked the overall look of the photos 🙂

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