Blythe’s Tower, Kinglassie

The Coo and the Tower

Scottish Coo and Blythe's Tower(1812) in mist

Scottish Coo and Blythe’s Tower(1812) in Mist

Blythe’s Tower or Folly, seen here in the background of this photo, which I took early one morning a couple of weeks ago, was built in 1812 by a wealthy linen merchant. He wanted to be able to view cargo ships as they entered the Forth, so he could procure the best merchandise before anyone else. The tower was re-used during the Second World War as an observation point. Blythe’s Folly is also allegedly haunted by a young lass who appears to be roaming around outside, looking for something. Maybe she lost her coo in the mist!!

NB Coo is the Scottish name for a cow, it’s not a typo by me! 🙂


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